The Voice of Women Initiative’s #Bringbackourgirls Press Statement

The Voice of Women Initiative’s #Bringbackourgirls Press Statement

On 31st October, 2000 the landmark Resolution/1325 on women, peace and security was adopted by the United Nations Security Council. Since then, Resolutions 1820(2008), 1889(2009), 1960(2010), 2106(2013) and 2122(2013) have also been adopted. These resolutions address the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict on women. They also address; the participation of women in conflict prevention and peace keeping while illuminating the critical consideration of gender perspective in all aspects of peace and conflict. However, it is constantly becoming clear that women and girls are not safe even in environments where they are supposed to be. The expansion of liberal thought and the constant press for peace around the world has opened up avenues to engage both within and outside our physical realm on issues that call for global concern. This is one of the key reasons why the hashtag #bringbackourgirls has received global recognition.

We must be careful not to turn our focus away from what has created this sense of insecurity and in unequivocal terms:

Ask the Nigerian Government to focus on rescuing the abducted girls and bringing them to safety.

Beseech the African Union and other African Governments to break their silence on this issue and join Nigeria in putting an end to this atrocity.

Request the United Nations to reaffirm its commitment to guaranteeing the security of women and girls by responding to this state of insecurity and impressing upon governments to implement measures that enhance the security of women and girls.

Call Upon social citizens to continue pressing for action from various governments, state agencies and non-state agencies. We also call upon them to show responsibility and compassion in the content, images and videos shared across the various social platforms concerning the abducted girls.

Finally, Call for deliberate awareness-raising around this issue and beg that people avoid propaganda and exaggeration. Most of all, we call for the unity of humanity in bringing back our girls.




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